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"I am assured of a disease-free relationship because a sex doll will not cheat on me.

They are not materialistic and will forever remain faithful." "Government is now violating our privacy as citizens," he said.

The refugees and asylum-seekers are escaping inter-ethnic clashes, as well as fighting between Congolese security forces and militia groups.

Those arriving in Zambia report extreme brutality, with civilians being killed, women raped, property looted and houses set alight.

Lusaka - No one sells them openly, no one admits to owning one, and no one has been arrested -- but Zambia is waging a fierce campaign against sex dolls.

The government launched the crackdown on the sex toys last month, threatening offenders with heavy jail terms over the dolls which, it says, are "very unnatural".

"The same Bible encourages free will and it will be wrong to send someone to prison for choosing to use sex dolls.

Some men have low self-esteem and cannot propose love." Tembo said sex dolls could even tackle the spread of HIV/AIDS -- in a country with a 12.4 percent adult infection rate.

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No shops openly sell them in Zambia, though they are available from international internet suppliers.

They are mainly from the DRC provinces of Haut-Katanga and Tanganyika.

Many were already displaced internally before they crossed the border.

Selling or using a sex doll is against Zambian law, she said, vowing to ensure they are not bought on the internet and imported.

"The use of sex dolls is definitely in contradiction to our natural heritage and our principles," Sumaili added.

Zambia free online sex hook ups