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“The Dating Project” is a documentary that follows five single people figuring out how to date in today’s social media world and hookup culture. I wanted to know what the dating world looks like today.In the trailer, a woman says she’s “extra single.” Well then, I’m extra extra single. I wanted to be informed because 1) I’m nerdy like that and because 2) I talk about being single here in my little corner.Through it all, there’s one particular playboy who seems eternally unattainable.

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The bowsprit of a large model boat was then threaded through the hole before he joined a parade through town to show off their new facial accessories.“It’s an unforgettable experience,” 55-year-old Canadian tourist Barry Rafftery told AFP as he looked on.“I’m surprised by the lack of blood.” Fellow Canadian traveller Julie Bedford, 33, was taken aback by the scale of festival.The stricken troubadours adopted a vegetarian diet, paid homage to the Nine Emperor Gods and were miraculously cured.The festival emphasises purification, embodied by the giving up of meat for nine days and dressing in white.But Sarah quickly realizes she’s more interested in the boys and the lifestyle than the modelling, and thus begins a whirlwind five years of travelling across the globe chasing men and job opportunities.Rubbing shoulders with personalities as diverse as professional athletes, Hong Kong mafiosos and a crazy ex-boyfriend back in Canada, Sarah’s experiences vary from an allergic reaction in Japan to a stint in Brazilian jail to quitting modelling to join a car rally in China.Sleeping With The Material World is a coming of age story about a girl who travels the world seeking a modelling career before finally finding herself.Born to an underprivileged Toronto family, she sees modelling as her opportunity for a big break, and travels to Tokyo to begin her fashion adventure.Music streaming service Deezer has created its very own ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ playlist, following the recent separations of pop stars Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards, Gwen Steffani and Gavin Rossdale and even Kermit and Miss Piggy!The streaming service has subsequently developed its own tailored playlist in a bid to help people overcome their love woes.