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Ce qui nous a motivé à construire notre propre plateforme de rencontre en marque blanche c’est notre désillusion par rapport aux solutions existants ailleurs sur le marché, notamment en ce qui concerne les conversions et la rétention des membres introduits par les affiliés.Tous les points forts sur l’affiliation de site de rencontre en marque blanche on été intégré dans notre plateforme Dating Factory France d’affiliation pour la rencontre.

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If you sign up for free then they send emails saying people sent you messages. Then you have to fax in a signed form to cancel your membership!

AND THAT COUNTING FOR ALL DATINGSITS "SCAMS AND FRAUDS" they all will let you sign up elsewhere an let you pay for every other datingsite out there.

if you ask me the best places where you have the most chance is in bars and clubs.

Too much fails on affiliate's panel and stats and support give random answers but they do not solve anything, it seems they are kidding you. Now I'm sending more traffic, more registrations, more countries, I have more websites and conversions are lower ¿?

Now is one of the dating affiliate programs less profitable. Then if you cancel they will demand surcharge and threaten further action. Not only did they lock me into an extra month of paying, the people who contacted me were either robots or something.