Wpf dependency property binding not updating

This momentum carries forward to today – 10% of all created projects in Visual Studio 2013 over the past 60 days are WPF.

For these cases, the features will light up based on the host OS and/or might require you to opt in to use the feature. NET Framework is defined as a component of the operating system, instead of an independent product. NET Framework is driven by the support lifecycle policy of the Windows operating system.This post will address the roadmap for the WPF platform, including areas of investment we’re prioritizing and tooling improvements for upcoming releases of Visual Studio.Based on a survey we conducted at the //build conference earlier this year, User Voice suggestions, and interviews with a large number of WPF developers across a variety of market segments over the past few months, we’ve prioritized the following areas for future investments to make WPF a better platform.Please send us your feedback through replies to this post, email, Connect bugs and User Voice requests.Author: Harikrishna Menon, Program manager, Visual Studio Client Tools Team Hari is a Program Manager with Microsoft, and works on the Xaml Experiences Team in Visual Studio.This application was recently used by CNN producers in the mid-term elections to upload, validate, and configure the data seen in the on-air election application.The election data is presented on CNN’s Magic Wall, which Microsoft’s Bing Pulse team helped to develop.WPF has amassed a passionate, vibrant, community that uses it to build data-centric desktop business applications on Windows.A recent example of this would be a new WPF application that was developed by our partners at Inter Knowlogy.Let’s first address a common question regarding support: WPF is a quintessential part of the . Extended support for the current recommended version of . We will continue to fix security issues and bugs reported by customers that impact a large cross-section of our WPF customers.Work on improving WPF has never really stopped, and below are just a few examples of what you should expect to see in upcoming releases of Visual Studio 2015 and . Some examples of recent fixes in WPF which will be available in .