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Here's an example based on one of my own OCs (who is the daughter of two canon characters) - she's an intelligent, but socially-awkward young woman who works for her father's company as an accountant.

Her current pet project and hobby is a tabletop RPG she's developing, which most people would probably find frustratingly fussy about details.

On the subject of creating a believable relationship between two characters, check out Tips to Write & Roleplay Believable Successful Long-Term Relationships.

But many people try to present or use their character's powers/skills as essentially the sole or main reason their character should bond with or be respected by other characters.

"Vacuum people" is a term I use to refer to characters who have essentially no social or familial connections at all, aside from the obligatory abusive/dead/disappeared parent/parental figure/s, and possibly canon characters they're supposed to know.

In essence, these characters live in a social vacuum.

This article is largely intended for fan characters, though most of it applies to other character types as well.

When you begin your character profile/pitch, leave out your character's appearances, superpowers, and canon connections as long as you possibly can.

Woman sues internet dating service