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He refused to settle out of court and used his wealth to exhaust claimants.

Action Park was reportedly fined just once for not following procedure.

The decision to unveil the name on April Fool’s Day was a nod to his mischievous streak.

For a long time, Mulvihill deftly outmaneuvered would-be litigants, Porges says.

It might seem like a risky move in the age of helicopter parents and endless litigation.

Or maybe it’s the best rebranding since New Coke went back to Classic.

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Eleonora Walczak of Greenpoint, showing off her leg scars from the old park while climbing out of the Cannonball Falls pool on Tuesday, said she was surprised to see the Colorado River ride now required helmets with facemasks.

Riders stand in a capsule and wait for a trap door to send them shooting through two horizontal loops.

At 100 feet high, it’ll be the world’s tallest double-looping slide when it opens later this summer.

“It was the time before insurance companies had their hands in everything, before everything is tested and rubber-coated within an inch of its life,” says Seth Porges, 30, who co-produced the documentary and lives in Williamsburg.

“You might get hurt, but if you walked away, you have a great story.” New Jersey Sen.