Who is soulja boy dating 2016

This is a 7 part series which gets deeper and deeper each and every video, please believe its things she said that will blow your mind.This is an all out exclusive with Lady Abnormal aka Chief Keef Baby Mama who is well known all over social sites.Now the man Soulja threatened, Skrill Dilly, has filed a lawsuit against Soulja seeking damages and coverage for medical expenses.He says the threat triggered medical conditions, and furthermore, convinced the mother of his child that he wasn’t a safe person to be around — he hasn’t seen his daughter since the threats came down from Soulja.

“Beefing over a girl that don’t claim u kill your self homie you a bozo,” added Soulja.

This weekend, the two rappers got into a particularly messy social media beef over model India Love.

You can find all the details and screenshots of now-deleted posts over at Hip Hop DX.

In a screenshot posted by Soulja, Yacthy — who claimed to be dating Love — asked him to take the posts down.

28), Soulja posted a series of photos of model India Love, claiming he missed his old flame.