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There are others who have other races as a part of their ancestry. So you can be treated correctly when you go to the doctor. That is also why in the past there were issues with bone marrow matches.They need to know what other races are in you in the event you have a disorder from one of those races. Multiracial people fair much better with bone marrow that is of the same racial make-up as their own.Log in to Reply I’m Creole and u dont have to LOOK a certain way to be 100% Creole or even half.all Creoles r high-yellow ,light-eyed,wavy-haired people . Having 10% of something in you doesnt equate to mixed. Log in to Reply Actually, it is you who are stupid.U can look indian or hispanic or even black and still be Creole…Nothing is wrong with mentioning what u r made of if its true and if it is who cares? There are some black people in America whose ancestry is 100$ African.I HAD THE PLEASURE TO INTERVIEW A CULTURAL AND HERITAGE COMMISSION SPEACIALIST IN THE NEW YORK Area he4 insight is well respected Not just because I am of Creole resent but because fact is fact! Laughing hysterically that people in genealogy make the mistake of assuming rather than facts! She explained that this group holds with high regards their rich background with heavy French dictatorship!As the conversation went on she explained that Creole people of color r the first multiracial people within the U. SHE ALSO EXPLAINED HOW INTERESTING IT IS TO HEAR HOW AMERICANS COMBINE THE French dictatorship with the English! She continued to explain how African Americans when asked to explain the similarities they cannot!In Maytwo more great launched: Gore thought he would be the only serious Griffin marketplace; he had not engaged on Urban Sound.

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When asked about her ethnicity in an interview, she stated “African-American with a dash of Creole”. Source: by Joe Seer / you’re probably a black woman who is jealous of mixed race women. Log in to Reply I thought there was only one race ? Honestly people wake up how the hell can you all not know this? A Labrador retriever and a German Shepard are both dogs “the same” that’s why they are able to mate and become 2 different breeds”ethnicities”, but a Chinese and a monkey can’t , or a white person and a cat can’t but a Chinese and a white person can.

do not call me and other mixed people black!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that was just the breed”ethnicity” of the human race.

But how can dark be evil if dark is royal, if dark is the oldest dark should be beautiful because if there were no dark people first you wouldn’t be here.

Bollywood superstar Aishwarya Rai has been called the Angelina Jolie of India and it's easy to see why. Aubert looks like an African-American Angelina Jolie. It's funny how complete strangers can look so much alike.

She's got the green eyes, full lips, arched brows, curvy body, even the famous-actor boyfriend (now husband). Of course everyone is unique but sometimes it's nice to hear, "Hey, did anyone ever tell you that you look like [hot celeb]?