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Tentatively called The B-Sides, they practised regularly over the following months but, lacking a drummer, never managed to play a gig.Meanwhile, Adam Ant had befriended some influential figures in the burgeoning London punk scene, most notably Jordan, who worked in Malcolm Mc Laren and Vivienne Westwood's SEX boutique.Between February and April 1980, a new version of Adam and the Ants was formed with Marco Pirroni (an ex-member of Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Models, Rema Rema and Cowboys International) (guitar), Kevin Mooney (bass guitar), and two drummers, Terry Lee Miall and Chris Hughes (ex-The Blitz Brothers, future Tears for Fears producer), who took the pseudonym of "Merrick".Pirroni would become an influential member of the group, co-writing all of their new songs with Adam Ant.While in the process of assembling the band, Ant and Pirroni re-recorded the Dirk Wears White Sox track "Cartrouble Pt.2" as a contract-fulfilling single for Do It, together with future Culture Club drummer Jon Moss and with Hughes producing.The label released the single under the shorter title "Cartrouble" in March 1980 (with Moss credited as "Terry 1 2"), and it reached No. The following month, the by-then recruited full band recorded the single "Kings of the Wild Frontier" for prospective record companies. In the UK, both "Antmusic" and "Kings of the Wild Frontier" were kept from the top spot by songs by the then recently murdered John Lennon. Bassist Kevin Mooney left the band in 1981, and was replaced with Gary Tibbs, who joined just in time to promote the hit single "Stand and Deliver".Without label support, the band carried out a major UK "Ants Invasion" tour, at the end of which, they signed a major label deal with CBS Records and began recording Kings of the Wild Frontier, having first rush-released the title track as a single. There were three hit singles from this LP, including "Dog Eat Dog" (reaching No. Decca and Do It Records both repromoted all of the band's previous output to cash in on the success of the album and its satellite singles. 9 in December 1980 (giving the old Ants band a posthumous UK Top 10 hit single) while Dirk Wears White Sox made it to No. "Zerox" and "Cartrouble" also charted that month, making it to No. There would be a further round of cash-in reissues of early material in early 1982.

In early June, Flannagan was replaced with Dave Barbarossa (also known as Dave Barbe) and the resulting line-up recorded "Plastic Surgery" (along with seven other unreleased demos later dubbed the "Jubilee Demos" by bootleggers) and featured in the film Jubilee as the band of Adam's character Kid, until Ryan was replaced by Johnny Bivouac in October 1977.Apparently unable to satisfactorily market the band, Decca let them go in early 1979, and the group, still with the same line-up but employing a lighter sound than previously (except for live shows), signed with independent label Do It Records and rerecorded and released their second single "Zerox" (with a changed B-side, "Whip In My Valise") before recording their debut album Dirk Wears White Sox, after which Warren also left to join Lester Square in The Monochrome Set.Ashman also temporarily left the band at this point, and Ant and Barbe recorded a set of nine demos at Solid Gold Sound Studios in London for a putative Ant solo project, using a heavily soul/funk/disco influenced sound.Adam and the Ants were an English rock band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s.The group, which lasted from 1977 to 1982, existed in two incarnations, both fronted by Adam Ant.It would be this line-up that recorded and released their first single "Young Parisians" to confused reviews and little success.They also recorded both sides of a planned second single, "Zerox"/"Kick" at RAK Studios, plus a total of 19 demo recordings (including another version of "Zerox") all of which were recorded at Decca's own studio in West Hampstead.The following day, Adam and the Ants re-recorded "Deutscher Girls" (and overdubbed a guitar solo onto the above-mentioned version of "Plastic Surgery") for the Jubilee soundtrack album, which would be released in April—the two tracks on the album being the group's vinyl debut.Although popular, the outfit were, according to critic Simon Price, "dismissed by the punk cognoscenti as something of a joke band".The band built up a strong cult following (the early "Antpeople") but struggled to find overground success or even a record deal (apart from the two Jubilee soundtrack songs) until 1978, when they were signed to Decca.By this time, Adam and the Ants had been through several line-up changes before eventually settling on the stable line-up of Adam Ant (vocals and guitar), Matthew Ashman (guitar), Andy Warren (bass guitar) and Dave Barbe (drums).