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We don’t get a lot of direct feedback in our day to day lives. Go draw something on a piece of paper, and ask a friend what he thinks of it. good.” Everyone makes mistakes and has quirks that turn other people off that we’re not really sure of, and without direct feedback we’ll never improve, so watch this video, see if you’re making any of these mistakes and then work to correct them.If you’re in tricky social situations all the time, it would be great to talk to you and learn how it’s going.

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Part of it was because my family had just moved to a new city and I’d never had to meet new people before, but another part was that I just didn’t know what to say or how to act around strangers.

At the University of Calgary, the We BWor K home page (this page) can be found by clicking on the We BWor K button that appears in the right-hand column of all Undergraduate pages.

To log in to We BWor K: Note that your IT username is not the same as your e ID.

Students are encouraged to seek out help from their TAs and professors in labs and tutorials as they work through their assignments.

The normal usage of the system would be: Students are free to answer the questions in any order and at different times.