Viewsat ultra lite updating firmware

7 Inch Dual Lens Touch Screen Given dvr support Dual lens video display. To prove his innocence in seconds, remaining on the road.

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Built-in G-Shock Sensor If there is a collision of the car, build-in the G-Shock sensor automatically locks the recorded video, ensuring accurate recording of events.

Record road accidents, scenic travel, unexpected moments or any social media worthy of video.

Built-in Android 5.0 Operating System Build in RAM1GB INTERNAL MEMORY 16 GB of internal memory, there is about 0.8 GB available to install the application, and about 12 GB of internal storage for data storage.

V1.9_cm84_v1.3.1._Black Edition_RRRR777_Mazda_BL_A2DP_.part02( 114,44 )ALPS. I sin on charging - gives out 1.5 A (car kit with a label of 2.5 A).

GPS module is rather weak, there are 6 satellites on the balcony. The only thing that plays background sounds when playing back the system sounds.