User reviews dominican women dating sites

and great spanish accents, LAtin is a different type of site nice!!! I have no problems with the company itself, Bob or the other employees.

A GREAT SITE I had a wonderful date this past week-end; and feeling great! To be frank, I was a little unsure if her picture on Latineuro would be very different from the real person.

But when i tried to deleted my profile i couldnt do it. I made myself very clear in that I was looking for someone to create a relationship that would lead to marriage.. You have to be honest in your conversations and hopefully they are too. If you would like to get some tips post a not in Latin euro's Facebook page.Latineuro is the only site I know of with real women who join with the sole purpose of meeting somebody like me.Women on Latineuro are more interested in knowing a nice guy than in age, or looks (ok, I'm not that bad) or even money.But there is nothing better than picking up a phone and talking to a nice lady who is expecting my call! I have been using Latineuro for over 15 years to meet beautiful women all over the world.The women are real, and if you come off as a real respectful person, you can meet a lot of them.I have also tried meeting some nice women through Facebook and FB has never worked for me in terms of a deeper relationship than just having a girl "friend" me.I have been to Latineuro 3 times over the past couple of years and I have made some wonderful friends, and I have actually gone to the Dominican Republic and Colombia and I can promise you that all of the girls are real, and most are friendly and respond well.The girls bio tells you exactly what a guy would want to know about a particular lady. The customer service I have received from the Latineuro staff is outstanding.What I like most is the valuable information they provided me whenever I called. If youre looking for a fabulous site to meet many pretty ladies, Latineuro might be a good choice for you.Latineuro is by far my favorite of all the sites Ive tried.The site offers options (ladies of different educational and cultural backgrounds).