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The device will power on, load to the HTC logo, then power off, then power on, then off, on, off, but never actually loading all the way like it should.This can be extremely frustrating because you will not be able to even turn on your phone all the way, much less use it.It should only take 10-20 sec but if there is no success at first then you might have to hold the power key down a little longer.If you were able to power the phone off by holding the power key then power the phone off and leave the phone off for about 30 seconds and then power the phone back on.If this is the case then I recommend choosing a top memory card for some advice and tips on how to choose the best memory card for your HTC Android cell phone, but I digress.If the phone powers on properly and you are able to use your phone again then I recommend that you create a backup of your cell phones information just to be safe.

Rebooting itself - If the phone is not staying off, for example you power the phone off and it turns itself on all by itself then troubleshooting properly is going to be more difficult.If you are able to power your HTC phone off and on but it gets stuck on the HTC logo again or freezes up before the phone can power on properly then proceed with the more in depth troubleshooting below.Your Android Smartphone will NOT POWER ON, which means that saving ALL your important information is going to be near impossible.If this has happened to you don’t fret, there is hope.Now we might be able to fix this issue but let me stress that this is a PROBLEM, an uncommon, inconvenient and sometimes hard to fix problem, but this article should get you on the right track and will give you a good advantage when trying to fix a frozen HTC cell phone.Now don’t worry your contacts including your names and phone numbers are saved on your Gmail account.All you will need to do to get your contacts back is to log into your Gmail account again and BOOM!Power cycling your phone or at least getting the phone to power off and on is going to be your first goal in troubleshooting a frozen HTC.If your phone doesn’t have a removable battery, which is becoming more common in HTC phones, then it can be a little harder to get your cell phone to power off.Just don’t forget to power cycle the phone to see if it will allow you to turn it on with the memory card inserted again.If it locked up with the memory card inserted then the memory card might have malfunctioned and you might have to look into reformatting the card or even purchasing a replacement.