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Her biggest fear, according to Ron Miscavige, whose son David is Scientology’s leader, was that Suri would turn against her after the split — just as Nicole Kidman’s daughter with Tom, Isabelle, had done.The church has a “disconnection policy” where all ties are severed between a Scientologist and friends or family opposing the religion.A video of Katie dancing with Jamie at a New York charity gala in 2013 first set tongues wagging.Then a picture of them holding hands in a recording studio in 2015, legs entwined, seemed to confirm the romance.Now those terms have expired, she looks like a huge weight has lifted.Katie shared a picture of her and Suri on Instagram this week, laughing together in a restaurant, with the caption: “My sweetie." After escaping the legal clutches of Tom and the Church of Scientology, the couple seem to be subtly, but effectively, flipping them the V-sign.The former Dawson’s Creek actress has gone to extraordinary lengths to keep her new relationship secret, resorting to wearing wigs and hats to meet Jamie, 49, after they reportedly started dating in 2013.Another divorce clause meant any boyfriend was not allowed near 11- year-old Suri, her daughter with Tom, while another prevented her from talking about their marriage.

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Since their split, Katie has been reportedly dating actor Jamie Foxx, 48, for several years."[I don’t] have a five or 10-year plan,” the 37-year-old actress said of dating. I don’t quite feel like a woman, maybe because I’m the baby of my family. RELATED: Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Step Out Wearing Matching Rings — Are They Engaged?!“I feel like I’m still a teenager in a lot of ways." Katie and Tom at their November 2008 wedding. I’ll probably be 90 and feel like, ‘Not a woman yet! Tom, 53, and Katie were previously married for six years from 1006 until 2012.Rumors Katie Holmes agreed to a five-year dating ban as part of her divorce from Tom Cruise are an unfounded myth.Gossip Cop can put this allegation, which has become like an urban legend, to rest once and for all.Katie later bought a six-bedroom property for £2.9million in a gated community of Calabasas, in LA, where the Kardashians hail from, and she and Suri split their time between the east and west coasts.Having come out of a bizarre, Scientology-centric marriage, where she was reportedly auditioned for the role of Tom’s wife by the church and forced to remain silent during childbirth, the Ohio-born girl was apparently living a much quieter life.But still they dismissed the claims, with Jamie insisting it was “100 per cent not true”. After Katie attended a secret birthday bash in New York for the actor in 2015, a pal said: “Katie is so in love.She isn’t dating other men.” Jamie’s reality TV star friend Claudia Jordan, said: “He is very happy with her.” As the terms of Katie’s watertight divorce neared expiry, the couple were more open.Everything else — Katie’s career and love life — was secondary.She told a US mag this year: “My child is the most important person to me and her upbringing is paramount to my work right now.