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Oh, and they’re also really adorable together — that doesn’t hurt either.I have no idea what to say about the musical, but I can say with certainty that I’m on board with Bell and Shepard documenting all future date nights, because it’s clear that pretty much all of their home videos are vastly entertaining.Here's the button click event that was having an issue: I still don't know why your data is not being updated, but as far as the design is concerned, why not go with Grid View/Details View combination with two Sql Data Sources?However, when i set it to false, and generate rows dynamically using Template Field - Item Updating stops working (but Item Deleting works!Bell, 29, debuted her ring on the red carpet of the Grammys Sunday night.The couple first stepped out publicly in January 2008.A photo posted by Dax Shepard (@daxshepard) on WATCH: EXCLUSIVE: Kristen Bell Says Her Kids Hate When She Sings Along to 'Frozen': 'They Have Me Zip It' “9 years ago.

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Returning soldier tells reporter that since there was no alcohol in Iraq one of his first plans on returning home was to have a Genny Cream Ale.

The awesome part about Pure is that it doesn’t want anyone else to know about who you’re hooking up with; Pure encrypts every message you send in-app, son!

Even your failed attempts to hookup are hush-hush: if no one responds to your post after sixty minutes, the post is deleted forever, like nothing ever happened.

And unfortunately that bottom lip isn't from injections, it's Skoal.

That's right, I landed @kristenanniebell while in the throes of a nasty dip habit.