Teyana taylor dating

The toned singer announced her un-single status on Instagram by posting a kissy pic with an anonymous boo and the caption, “Happy Birthday baby…

#ILove U.” Now, photos are surfacing of the mystery man being Iman Shumpert from the New York Knicks.

Music singer, 23, said that she felt some type of way.

Teyana Taylor is breaking her silence about her love triangle with her ex-fiance Brandon Jennings and her former friend Tae Heckard. You’ll recall, Brandon recently announced that his relationship with model/vixen Tae Heckard is his first “real” relationship (after dating Tae all of two mintues).

Yes..were actually engaged and had been on-and-off over several years. You’re 36, he’s 24…are you willing to deal with any dude this irresponsible to give you a child? Also during the interview, Teyana dished on her public spat with Pop princess Rihanna.

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On Brandon downplaying their engagement and calling Tae Heckard his “first real relationship:” Brandon knows, I know, and the world knows that we were engaged.

The singer went IN on Tae for pretending not to know about her engagement to Brandon, despite being “besties” with Teyana since she appeared on “My Super Sweet 16.” Tey also called Tae a manipulator for running after a young baller at the tender age of 36, and claims she is the real source of recent bad rumors about Teyana hitting the media.

Teyana Taylor was put on the stand at Breakfast Club Court and stated facts on facts about her past relationship with NBA star and ex-fiancé, Brandon Jennings, as well as his new relationship with her ex-friend, Tae Heckard. “I felt betrayed because of everything that we’ve been through for 6 years,” she said, even revealing that Jennings had swiped her V card.

After the Detroit Pistons player let it be known on Instagram last week that his relationship with Heckard, was official tissue, the G.