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That year, a rival technology developed that would again change the face of communication: the telephone.

By 1879, patent litigation between Western Union and the infant telephone system ended in an agreement that largely separated the two services.

In 1913, Western Union developed multiplexing, which made it possible to transmit eight messages simultaneously over a single wire (four in each direction).

Teleprinter machines came into use around 1925 and in 1936 Varioplex was introduced.

Morse started by making sketches of a "magnetized magnet" based on Henry's work.

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A trained Morse operator could transmit 40 to 50 words per minute.

Samuel Morse and his associates obtained private funds to extend their line to Philadelphia and New York.

Small telegraph companies, meanwhile began functioning in the East, South and Midwest.

While teaching arts and design at New York University in 1835, Morse proved that signals could be transmitted by wire.

He used pulses of current to deflect an electromagnet, which moved a marker to produce written codes on a strip of paper. The following year, the device was modified to emboss the paper with dots and dashes.