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Title: The Spin Cycle Series: Hold My Coffee Series Order: 3 Author: Keira Marcos Betas: Jilly James & Ladyholder Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis Relationship: Meredith Mc Kay/John Sheppard Genre: Romance, Rule 63, Alternate Universe Word Count: 10,651 Warnings: Explicit Language Author’s Note: DADT never existed in this world, and LGBT people can serve openly in the military with no real issues to be had. “I’m not particularly interested in defining myself by how many children I can push out of my vagina, and I went on a date two nights ago as a matter of fact.” “Oh really,” Jeannie said dryly. He’s been on the short list for a Nobel for a decade, Jeannie. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, Meredith, because you’ve never had a man stick around long enough to have any kind of relationship.” Meredith shot her phone the bird and sighed. I’ll be going to a remote location for about a year, and I won’t have any methods of outside communication. “Mer, please tell me you aren’t making weapons.” “I’m not making weapons, and I never have,” Meredith lied. ” “About four weeks.” “So you have time to visit us,” Jeannie said. Mer…you just can’t go off for a year or more without coming to see us.

“What sort of bribes should I bring for your spawn?

“Totally boring and a .” “I’ve often wondered if a vegan diet makes a man’s semen taste funny. Since arguing with Weir would only lead to unnecessary drama, I had Major Teldy check through the military volunteers. He has a year to write his thesis because he’s active duty, but I can see that his deadline is pushed forward if the expedition doesn’t get back in touch in time.” She turned to Meredith. “She probably traveled on my father’s private plane.” He rubbed the back of his neck.

You should ask her.” “I’ll just come back later,” John said dryly from the doorway. “It’s a legitimate scientific inquiry.” “Sure it is,” John muttered and looked upward as if he were seeking guidance. One of the lieutenants that I declined due to lack of field experience has a BS in engineering and just finished the class work for his masters.” “You mean Lt. “He’d be a great choice, and working with you would be a great experience for him. “We aren’t going to saddle you with someone that will be more hindrance than a help.” He checked his watch. He really didn’t need the stress or the intrusion that was surely coming his way if they weren’t already tucked in the hotel with Nancy.

But then they really hadn’t had much in common since her sister had abandoned her education for marriage and motherhood.

She stood up and meandered her way into the large lab that Sam Carter was working in. “Sometimes I have this urge for a kid, but it usually goes away because I just go to the closest Target and wait for some screaming baby to remind me of why I didn’t marry the last guy that proposed.” Meredith laughed. “I wasn’t silly enough to fly to Nevada while you were there but…I mean, this is different, right? It really wasn’t, but he wasn’t going to tell her that over the phone. “I can’t leave work right now, but I’ll clear my afternoon schedule.” “Okay, just…John.