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Bonus points if you could get through the entire 6 minutes without divulging any information about yourself (mystery is a powerful tool!

My partner-in-crime, despite being one of the most stunning and put together people I know, has not been on a proper date in 8 years.

I also had to promise her there are many handsome men in Toronto that would never. I did however get this flattering email from the service: My certificate proudly hangs in my office. Thus went my brief foray into the speed dating world. In my reasoning, people who prefer face-to-face interaction and are generally good with first impressions tend to be those who frequent Speed Dating.

I have since unsubscribed from the Speed Dating Company as I received too many desperate emails, hungry for my “elite attendance” at another event. We all know serial killers live on the Internet anyways…

I did give one speed dater my number as he was cute and going for drinks in the area (plus I’m a rebel that scoffs at rules).

I reassured one traumatized coworker that the dating landscape in Toronto isn’t as bleak as the candidates from the Speed Dating event made it seem.