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By combining knowledge derived from her academic background in Interpersonal Communications and Human Interaction (B. A) with her own adventures in dating, Suzie provides valuable insight and real, honest, relatable advice.

With her lessons and practices grounded firmly in her dating golden rule, “be happily single! ) , Suzie sheds light on popular topics ranging from common modern dating dilemmas to online dating fraud, “textationships” (never getting beyond the texting/instant messaging phase), dealing with the baggage that comes from unresolved feelings towards exes, and first date conversation starters.

Another great idea is taking in a museum (which are free and open late on Thursdays).

Lastly, for all the foodies, trying one of the many wonderful restaurants that base their menus on locally sourced food”.

We need to put light out into the world”, says Suzie – a sentiment surely appreciated by those who keep the faith thanks to her unique light.

What makes her truly stand apart is her desire to help others, whether it is with finding love or healing from negative experiences.

This dating world is one that Suzie has observed and engaged with for years, so despite this seemingly unpromising description, she clarifies that “Ottawa has a great single community with quality partners”.

Even though she admits Ottawans have a tendency to be “non-committal”, she remains optimistic: “There is hope, however, you get what you put in and you just have to keep trying and you will get there.” This awareness of her audience has allowed Suzie to pick up on particular trends in terms of what kinds of advice people often seek out.

Given the variety of content, Single Dating Diva really does have something for everyone.

With so many options available to those taking their dating lives to the web, it can be difficult to find the right fit.