Simon woods and rosamund pike dating chamorro dating

One minute she's chatting away in her low, clear cut-glass voice, the next she goes absolutely silent.

We start by talking about her role as Renée (the wife of the famous Marquis) and of how intrigued she is by the play.

Then we end up spending two hours in the hotel's opulent yet oddly windowless restaurant, where we are surrounded by waiting staff on a training session.

There is Pike in all her fragile beauty with about 30 people all pretending not to notice her.

He wrote this play in 1965 and it was performed in Japan in full 18th-century dress.

Anyway, I’ve been looking for a reason to write more about Rosamund, because I like her and I want to see her career get a big bump from this film. Like, Rosamund and Neil Patrick Harris are the strongest parts of this film. As for Rosamund, she gave an interesting interview this week about how lucky she is to be with a dude who is 18 years old than her. He’s also a recovering heroin addict, which I didn’t know.

Rosamund was a brilliant casting choice but for the love of God, I really don’t think the Batfleck was right for Nick. He’s quite good at putting a check on that.” Her past relationships: In her twenties, Pike was engaged to Joe Wright, the director, who called off their wedding after the ‘save the date’ cards had been dispatched.

She seemed to come from absolutely nowhere yet was received with rapturous attention by audiences worldwide (you should see the fan sites dedicated to her – they're pretty intense). Halfway through her degree, though, she decided to leave to go to drama college. I had to crawl back to Wadham and beg to be allowed to finish my degree.' It didn't put her off being an actress, however. 'It's what I love doing.' She says that she did end up enjoying herself at Oxford because, in her final year, she fell in love.

'I had been in the National Youth Theatre in Romeo and Juliet,' she says. 'It was like that sentence in Brideshead, about a door finally opening and you suddenly see what it's all about. I have wonderful memories of being there and it seemed to be endlessly summer and it was wonderful to be in love, really…' Her boyfriend, Simon Woods, went on to become an actor, too, and after they split up was cast alongside her in the film Pride & Prejudice in 2005.