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The Sims 4 might have toddlers now, but that wasn’t always the case.When it first arrived, toddlers (and pools we might add) weren’t part of the base game.Instead Maxis added them into the game in January 2017, over two years after the base game launched.

When I check for the specs online I see that there is a VTR-L09 dual sim as well.In lieu of that actually happening though, we’re here to pull together the biggest requests from the community for The Sims 5 gameplay features.One of the best things about The Sims 3 is that it feels like your household is part of a bigger neighbourhood, and one that you can freely explore without seeing a loading screen.Everything flows together and feels like a real town. Instead of being able to freely wander your Sims neighbourhood, you have to click on a menu to travel to a different location, watching a loading screen for any quick jaunt.Heck to even leave your lot, you’ve got to watch a loading screen.Do you have 32 or 64gb version,also after this rebranding can we have OTA officialy? I have uploaded a complete package for rebrand VTR-L09 to VTR-L29C432B130! v49h Bva Kv...m ZE1C4Jr7Fist4 download unzip and run the And follow the instructions. Send me EA news, products, events and promotions by email consistent with EA’s Privacy & Cookie Policy.Thankfully, there are ways to get cars back into your game, in the form of the best Sims 4 mods, but still...There was a time in early Sims games that you could not only build houses from scratch but the entire plots too.Connected to that longing for an open world is a lust for the vehicles of The Sims 3 too.You don’t just have to stretch your legs to get around town in The Sims 3, you could hop on your bike, jump in the car, driving straight out of your very own garage or just call a cab.