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It just makes driving feel like a chore since you're constantly monitoring to see if there's a camera or a speed trap.Country roads are the most deadly and there's hardly any cameras there to stop people in landrovers doing 60 around a blind bends.Duchess of Cambridge and sister Pippa make surprise appearance at Sandringham calls for closure of UN Palestinian refugee agency Airways passengers will no longer be able to recline and relax on short-haul flights man freed after arrest in Dubai for having 'too many' anti-depressants you're 100% correct, it's easy to just demoralise people with how shit things are.Time is better spent remembering our past, being humble and putting things into a broader context.Have any of you lads with low imageboard-induced attention spans ever considered adderall like the yanks prescribe?I can read a whole book in one sitting on this stuff whereas without it I really struggle, and my information retention seems much better.The people they hire are the same diversity cult minded mindset as most of the msm.Turn away from it, it's ment to destroy your brain.

It creeped me out and sounded weird in a world that was supposed to represent idyllic pastoral England.You need to get your 5 GCSEs, 5 A levels, and uni degree.You must then be forced to work an apprenticeship at minimum wage for 3 years for some irrelevant job which shouldn't need an apprenticeship.I don't want them wielding power over me, because their interests will always be slightly at odds with my interests, like Sadiq Kahn stepping in to cover for the Muslim community, to the detriment of the natives he's supposed to be serving.This just isn't a sensible thing for us to be allowing, even if we don't personally hate the individual.567352Neither situation is idea, but in the end the white poof will still probably have white family and friends who he loves, and whose destruction he'll be less okay with helping to further.Could start wearing green all the time and claiming victim points for the boomer mom and pops did the thing when I wanted to vote Trump but it was Hillary I'm with her and gun control and drumpf so michael moore got fat and then everyone was yes but then it was Trump and everyone was sad #resist694582so therefore nihilism and 1918 tier rejection of life for abstracted nihilist cynicism of one's own society while providing nothing to change it with and living in that very society as a member of it694598thats because this website is just a hive of nihilism because everyone abstracts their consciousness/identity so they can use it as a release valve for their emotions so they can be better soyboys in meatspace694650I think he gave up reporting since the mods laughed at him in the thread because they can just delete all reports with one click, haven't been on /pol/ so someone else would have to answer that part694655He's still here he just changed tac, he was posting last thread.He got btfo over a couple of things, my interaction with him was over his idea that you could restore racial purity by miscegenating enough and how percentages work.694689He was coherent but he slowly kind of descended into basset hound posting and then it went sharply down hill from there.I don't want it to be a crutch so I'm cautious with my use but so far I am really impressed.567271They're smart-casual at best, although I wear them all the time and have been asked a few times what the occasion was.Suppose that's what we get for making joggers socially acceptable to wear all the time.567286associate trump with nazismcould make trump look bad (spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine))alternatively, makes nazism look good (not spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine))"Everywhere Richard Spencer goes he's surrounded by guns and swastikas"- Charls Carroll Lads, why do we have speed limits on our motorways?he's neve had kids so why is he allowed to talk about that?567079The policy for the company targets specific audiences, that of a liberal group.