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It's unfortunate that this is one of the main ways they've learned how to get attention."She said that, for someone who isn't a trained therapist and isn't equipped to deal with this sort of behavior, the best thing you can do is validate that they're hurting, and then reach out to someone who's trained in helping people who are suicidal or threatening to hurt themselves — like a therapist, crisis support line, or 911.

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You have to keep yourself safe." She added that it's also totally acceptable to remove yourself from the situation and call for help from somewhere else.

"It's so much of a responsibility and burden if you try and deal with it on your own," Gleicher said. Involve someone who knows how to deal with it." Desjardins said to get in touch with someone close to them who can be where they are quickly if need be.

"Whoever in that person's life that you have the best relationship with, and they have a decent relationship with," she said.

Gleicher emphasized that no one is going to be annoyed with you for calling if you believe the danger is real — they're trained in dealing with situations like this, and it's not something you can handle on your own.

Even if your partner says they'll calm down and stay safe if you hear them our or stay with them, you shouldn't.