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So I have seen the terrible potential for storm phobias.The patient I just described was on Clomipramine and Xanax and it just didn't help.I tried the Thunder Shirt on her and I was very skeptical until I used it. I am a Veterinary Technician and have been working at the same hospital for 8 years.

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She still had some panting and trembling, but after a little bit, seemed better.Animals in fight or flight response can sometimes have the brain process incoming information differently from normal animals.The part of the brain that processes memory is bypassed to allow the parts of the brain that are involved in fight or flight take precedence.Zoe my dog didn't pull me or jump on anyone i enjoy walking her now if anyone has a dog that needs this i would recomened this . Julia J I am a veterinary technician and own a dog training facility in Ohio.I have used many products over the years with varying degrees of success.The owner reports that the pet was able to rest and sleep during the storm and was even willing to eat a treat. In July, we talked about using Clomipramine which as you well know is an anti-anxiety medication that needs to be given daily usually twice daily for at least a month prior to full effectiveness, and effectiveness is spotty at best.All of this is in stark contrast to the usual anxiety the dog displayed during such storms when the possibility of the pet calmly eating or sleeping was close to nil. The other alternative was to give Acepromazine as a sedative.I have a 'whippet' that I adopted from our local animal control about 2 years ago. The first year was a learning experience for all of us, but she finally relaxed enough to enjoy her new surroundings and our other dog.That is, she adjusted to us, but she could not overcome her fear of thunderstorms. Because of my experience as a vet tech, I knew there were different medications available for this problem, but I didn't want to risk her having a reaction to the meds.To my dismay my companion has become stressed in the car, pants and paces.I have tried prescribed medications, natural remedies ect... My dog Chopper, a boxer mix, is the first dog I have ever had with storm anxiety. The first time I used it, a friend & I were completely amazed. My partner recently witnessed how smoothly and quickly the Thunder Shirt works & tells everybody about it! Our own 3-year-old Shih Tzu begins to shake uncontrollably when he feels a storm coming. We have been using Thunder Shirt at our hospital in Tallahassee, Florida and are very happy with the results.