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“To all the fans who always treated me as if I was family, to all of my Big Bang members, to all of my YG family, to everyone I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and meet, I want to say THANK YOU,” Taeyang shared in a post.“I will continue to live my life with responsibility and humility.

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RELATED: 5 Things Only Fans of All Things Korean Would Know The pair is known as the star couple of the ‘90s and got to know each other on the sets of their shared movie projects.via Zimbio South Korean actress Choo Ja-hyun and Chinese actor Xiaoguang Yu are two reasons the Korean TV show Same Bed Different Dreams 2: You Are My Destiny drew a lot of attention (and they have their chemistry to thank).The two first met on the set of a 2012 Chinese drama, got married in 2017 and are currently expecting their first child.On the broadcast of KBS’ “Entertainment Weekly” that hit the air on April 25, the members of hip-hop duo Jinusean took part in the ‘Guerilla Date’ segment of the entertainment news program.During the interview, a random citizen from the streets of Seoul asked Sean, “How much do you love your wife, Jung Hye Young?” In response, Sean joked, ” I don’t know what to say when my children ask me about it.” However, he said he doesn’t regret his choice.“This was during the photo shoot for the cover of our album ‘Phone Number.’ I had little choice back then because it was difficult to go back and forth from blonde to black hair,” he explains.Now it’s time to turn our attention to something for fans of all things Korean: We’re looking into the distinct brand of kilig Korean entertainers so effortlessly provide (be it through their music, K-dramas and appearances together at press events).It only gets better for fans when music collaborations, stints co-starring in TV series and movies and other appearances together spark real-life romance!Sean then revealed that Jung Hye Young really enjoyed the special, but further explained the story behind his proposal years back saying, “I went to the concert with my mind made up to propose that day, but I lacked confidence while on the stage.From the beginning of the concert to the end, I kept on wondering when I should do it, but since it ends after the encore performance, I yelled ‘STOP’ in a loud voice during the encore.