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Mutable vs Fixed - The Mutable quality of the Virgo Woman enables you to adapt quickly to the intuitive insight of the Scorpio Man. Mercury vs Mars & Pluto - Mercury and Mars can be the best of friends and the worst of enemies, but with Scorpio, and its co-ruler Pluto, the best results in this odd couple of planets usually come forth to strengthen and enhance the relationship.

As a Virgo Woman, you tend to be aware of your flaws and imperfections, and are careful not to overestimate yourself.

Continue discovering another connection between Water and Earth elements (Scorpio and Virgo)! Importantly, he’s extremely faithful and sincere to his beloved woman. Additionally, she is rather proficient and systematized in any case.

If you are a Scorpio man and fall in love with a Virgo woman or vice versa, don’t miss a cool chance to know your relationship. That’s the reason he often goes to many places to find someone who could bring him safety and peacefulness.

Earth vs Water - The practicality and reliability of the Virgo Earth provides a safe haven for Scorpio's Water.

Because of the peculiar, but favorable nature of the relationship between the ruling planets, the elements work well together.

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Travel, whether for business or pleasure, is like medicine for both of you; remember this as you plan your long life together.If he unluckily goes out for a moment, he swiftly turns back to where he belongs to.He might give all his passionate sentiments to the Virgo woman.Use the navigation at the top of the page for details on any sign.Have you been to our Virgo Woman or our Scorpio Man pages yet?He can be the best of friends, a powerful ally and an exciting mate all rolled into one.You can be sure that if he has made a promise, he will keep it. Even if he is sorely tempted, if he has declared himself to you, he will quickly and honestly let it be known to anyone who might try to come between you.He is as careful as you are about financial matters, because of the comfort and security that money can buy.One of his cravings that he has in common with you is travel; a couple of days at the lake or seashore will do more for a Scorpio than a month at a spa will do for most people.He is much the same way, and if it happens that you find yourself dealing with an insurmountable problem, the Scorpio will be ready to protect you from whatever you're facing.Like you, he keeps his emotions hidden; not because they might interfere with his efficiency (which is your reason) but because of the tremendous discipline that enables him to control his passions.