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At the turn of the twentieth century, Santa Rosa was not the largest settlement within the region.

Puerto de Luna, about ten miles south, held the county seat for Guadalupe County.

Santa Rosa NM Police Jail's phone number is 575-472-3605.

Friends and family who are attempting to locate a recently detained loved one can use that number to find out if the person is being held at Santa Rosa NM Police Jail Generally, municipal jails are pre-trial holding facilities.

They are usually the first place a person is taken post-arrest, if the arrest occurs within the municipality or if the city jail is a designated holding place for nearby municipalities.

The name was changed in 1890 to Santa Rosa (Spanish for "Saint Rose"), referring to a chapel that Don Celso Baca (the founder of the city) built and named after both his mother Rosa and Saint Rose of Lima.The county seat was moved to Santa Rosa from PDL in 1903.The east-west highway through the town was designated as U. Highway 66 in 1926, and the increase in traffic made the community a popular rest stop with motels and cafes.However, they may also be post-conviction incarceration facilities for people convicted of minor crimes, generally misdemeanors.Usually supervised by a municipal police chief in conjunction with other local government leaders, jails offer a large amount of flexibility for those being detained and a post-conviction environment that is generally smaller and safer than a prison setting.For black Americans, having the ability to code-switch could help you get that promotion, make your case to a judge, or leave a police encounter unscathed.But changing how you speak isn't always enough to get around racism.Santa Rosa was smaller than Puerto de Luna until 1901 when the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railroad was built into Santa Rosa from the east, quickly followed by arrival of the El Paso and Northeastern Railway in February 1902, from the southwest, thereby creating a transcontinental connection.As the terminus and interchange point of the two railroads, a thriving community quickly developed.Santa Rosa's stretch of Route 66 is part of film history.When John Steinbeck's epic novel, The Grapes of Wrath, was made into a movie, director John Ford used Santa Rosa for the memorable train scene.