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Under the new law, after 2022 the 100 percent bonus depreciation will phase down in 20 percent increments each year through 2026.“It’s always good to have 100 percent expensing, but at the end of the day, it’s a timing event of when you get your write-off,” says Swirsky.“There can be some planning done around it, because, for example, if you take delivery of a plane in December, and you’re entitled to write off 100 percent of that plane for that calendar year, your planning around avoiding entertainment use [which is not deductible] gets a lot, lot easier.”Prior to the enactment of the new law, you could defer taxable gains on the sale of your business aircraft if you bought another aircraft to replace it—a “like-kind” exchange. Now in the event you realize a gain on the sale of your aircraft, the gain is fully taxable at an ordinary income-tax-bracket rate, regardless of whether you’re replacing the aircraft by purchasing another one.“The 100 percent expensing [on the purchase of a replacement aircraft], of course, is great,” says Swirsky.

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