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In early 1994 Phil bought a flat for a pittance off Frank Butcher.

He also bought Frank's share of the cafe for a knockdown price for his new girlfriend Kathy Beale.

But people are not meant to live without social support and connection.

Sadly, this child may become depressed and suicidal, because of their isolation.

And in rejecting those overtures, they further confine themselves to a world of loneliness and isolation. If you feel a connection with this material, feel free to email me, leave a comment or contact a health professional.

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Although every one has a bit of every role, for these children, they become more comfortable with a specific one and as a result, live within its constraints for a life time.

The purpose of this role is to hide from the chaos, condlict and stress of their family.

As a result they hide – often in plain sight, but hiding never the less.

And yet if someone tries to befriend them, they withdraw, uncomfortable and afraid.

They don’t know how to accept the connections that humans need.