Reasons for dating a volleyball player

She'll work through problems and will give it her all.

She's probably been hit in the face by one of the top college volleyball players in the state, gotten a bloody nose or a minor concussion at some point in her playing career.

When it comes to relationships, this is an important trait to possess.

She knows what fights to have, when to have them and when to keep her cool. It takes practice to memorize plays and master skills like foot work, ball control and transitioning.

It has been a part of the official program of the Summer Olympic Games since 1964.

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Accept that, but also know she will respect your values, too.Typically, the first two touches are used to set up for an attack, an attempt to direct the ball back over the net in such a way that the serving team is unable to prevent it from being grounded in their court.The rally continues, with each team allowed as many as three consecutive touches, until either (1): a team makes a kill, grounding the ball on the opponent's court and winning the rally; or (2): a team commits a fault and loses the rally.Like a team, you both want a successful relationship, and the only way to accomplish that is by learning from each other.Unlike other sports, once a team gets too far ahead, it's hopeless to keep trying.You sacrifice your body for every point, and as long as you come out with a win, you don't care if the result is injury.You dive into those chairs, and you bang into those bleachers. She's dealt with many physically and mentally terrifying things in her life.We can go into the clichéd stereotype of volleyball players.We can laugh at "how they aren't afraid to get on their knees" jokes, and how they "prance around life in spandex and bikinis."Or, we can really analyze volleyball players and the traits they've acquired, and come up with less shallow reasons as to why they make great partners.I admire those players who are down 5-1 with two minutes remaining and still give it their all, but volleyball is a different type of sport.In the matter of five minutes, the tables can turn entirely in your favor.