Rasta dating service

Percy and I, along with our friends were gonna be there at 8 and it was just so, I'm doing my homework, unlike Percy who was playing video games in the living room.

It was finally Saturday, the night of Leila's party.

He stood up and walked towards me."You look beautiful" he told me and I blushed harder"Thanks. " he asked me "I heard their on their way here" he told me and I nodded"Yeah, I'm ready""Great" he said "Let me say goodbye to mom, then we can go""Okay" I told him as he went upstairs to Sally's study. We found our friends in the lobby and we drove off towards Leila's house. My house already packed, the music was heard throughout and outside the house.

After I got dressed, I put on my wooden owl earrings, my camp necklace and strapped my dagger onto the back of my shorts and stuffed my invisibility cap in my back pocket.

The fourth guy had curly brown hair and brown eyes. The first girl had brown straight hair and hazel brown eyes.

He had a goatee on his chin and was wearing brown camo pants, a green shirt that said "Mother Earth Needs You", a green Rasta cap and black converse. She wore short-short, a red long sleeves shirt and black boots. She was holding the hand of a tall guy with curly brown hair, green eyes and a mischievous smile.

I cleaned my things and went down stairs to the living room."Hey" Percy greeted me as I sat down on the sofa"Hey" I greeted back "So, are they coming? Oh, yeah." He answered as he continued with his game."What is that, God of War? " he asked"I've seen Bobby and Mathew play it before.""Oh. " he asked as he offered me the joystick"No, I'm just gonna read"He smirked "You're just too chicken to play"I mocked glared at him "You did not just say that"He smirked "I did just say that"I glared at him more "You're on!

" I told him as I sat on the floor next to him and took the game console from him.