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It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain. In this way it is hoped, if possible, to correlate the cytological data with the work in hybridization and variation. The appearances are clear and easily interpreted, in striking contrast to the forms with long twisted chromosomes, such as have been made the basis of many of the studies on reduction in plants. Various samples of the ethylene derived in this way were analyzed. In the rest of the series the spiral is imiform, and the overlapping more conspicuous. — The bulk of the embryo is of course 362 BOTANICAL GAZETTE [November parenchymatous, and the general structure is shown in figs. The first might almost as well be placed with Coccineae. Folia lucida; glabrata, sed nerviis infra pubescentibus; obovata, saepe ad apicem truncata, margine serrata, et supeme obscure lobata. 46 3^^ BOTANICAL GAZETTE [novshber colore ruber sanguineusve; autumno maturans; nucellis ossds, 2-3. One of the twelve pots, presumably with only the growth from a single spore, showed both antheridia and archegonia, but it was not possible to find that the lobes producing these different sexual organs were connected. Many granular chromatin substances thrown out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm increase in size, assume spherical forms, and then, becoming oriented at the poles of spindle figure, function as centrosomes. She concludes that in Funkia it is inadvisable to call the knots prochromosomes. The pollen grains of many forms germinate within the anther, the pollen tubes emerging in various ways. Beyond the cells which cannot be distinguished as separate units are those which can be so distinguished but which show compression without collapse. In the pollen of Microcachrys there is a similar excess of prothallial tissue.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. 19S, 197, 199, 201, in folio, for Pierce read Peirce. It seems to the writer that only by thus combining cytological with experimental studies is an explanation of the peculiar and remarkable phenomena of variation exhibited by the Oenotheras to be reached. On the other hand, the somatic nuclei and chromosomes are very much smaller, and in metaphase the latter are elongated and looped, making it impossible to count them with the same degree of accuracy. Bromin and fuming sulfuric acid absorbed 96-98 per cent. FLORAL SUCCESSION IN THE PRAIRIE-GRASS FORMA- TION OF SOUTHEASTERN SOUTH DAKOTA SEROXm AL AND AUTUMNAL FLORAL ASPECTS CONTRIBUTIONS FROM THE HULL BOTANICAL LABORATORY II7 Le Roy Harris Harvey (with four figures) Serotlnal floral aspect Climatologically and florally the scroti nal is perhaps the most distinctly demarked of the aspects. 2-6, 5, 9y 29-35- The epidermis (ep) consists of large, regular, isodiametric cells with large nuclei. — Median longitudinal section similar to fig, 28: ct, cotyledonary traces; cp^ caplike tissue; ;, mspeosor. Petiolus longe i-J laminae; supeme margine angusta glandulosa. It is possible that the differentiation of sex is not always complete in the capsule of Fegatella, and that hermaphroditic spores are in fact occasionally produced, as is the case in the mold Phycomyces; but it seems more likely that a fragment of a thallus of the other sex became accidentally mixed with the growth planted in this particular pot.^A. Blakeslee, Connecticut Agricultural College, Storrs, Conn, 386 BOTANICAL GAZETTE [November A NEW CHARACTERISTIC OF ENGELMANN SPRUCE In 1907 near Bemice, Mont., the writer observed a specimen of Engel- mann spruce uce of nitrogen, but that it is rather poorer than ammonium tartrate. This is regarded as the vegetative activity of the chromatin. (2) Occasional contact between the pairs of knots is observed in synapsis, but they do not constitute clear cases of fusion. — Baccarini'* has published an account of vegeta- tive mitosis in Cynomorium coccineum (Balanophoraceae). i9o8] CURRENT LITERATURE 397 form a fourth family of the order Marchantiales: Ricciaceae, Corsiniaceae, Riellaceae, Marchantiaceae, rather than be placed as an aberrant family in the Jungermanniales anacrogynae. Chasmogamous flowers are generally so situated upon the plant that they receive better nourishment than the cleistomagous. I have not in any case been able to account for each cell, but more than one-half the number can be found, which, together with those too much compressed to be distinguished, plus the space provided by compression, practically accounts for all the space occu- pied by the in-grown root. The grain has wings, however, but not of so definite a character as those of Dacrydium and Podocarpus, which, as is commonly known, bear two well-developed floating appendages.

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