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Victim Christine Spencer, 57, left was duped by Christian Barber on a dating website.After meeting on popular dating sites — including Plenty of Fish — and gaining their trust, he told them he would help with their financial problems.Our POF Customer Service experts are certified moreover well trained to handle any Plenty of fish issues you faced in your account.They resolve your POF problem without wasting your time with the ear full and focus on the task at hand. Never has it been easier to meet someone who once, not that long ago, had almost zero chance of ever encountering.POF Ireland opens this door for the ultra low cost of nothing, so there is absolutely nothing to lose.If you know men using dating sites and services, warn them about this scam and share this link with them.

49% of women, almost half, find a boyfriend through Plenty of Fish. Although, I'd be much more impressed if the success rate for men were that high.Plenty of Fish POF is an online dating site that uniquely claims to have millions of users worldwide. We have personally encouraged more than men to contact the FBI about this scam --see below.We hear from so many men targeted by this scam that we cannot keep this article updated fast enough with all the information we receive.The pool from which to draw dates from are in the millions.Certainly enough women that we can essentially screw up several hundred times and not be concerned about our prospects for dating on Plenty of Fish.By taking a look at Google trends and comparing it with the other top online dating sites, we can see that Plenty of Fish is the second most visited dating site behind So, because POF is the second largest online dating site, we can only assume that size of our potential dating pool will be quite significant.So you took the plunge and spent 10 minutes of your precious life creating an account on plenty of fish POF.Then you will have spent time writing your profile text.In this article, I'm going to take you through what I learned in four 4 years of using Plenty of Fish to meet, date, and sleep with tons of new girls, including some of the hottest girls on POF in Southern California. For a string of middle-aged single women struggling with their finances, he seemed to be a knight in shining armour.But Barber was in fact a homeless conman who travelled across the country in his VW Golf, a court heard, gaining the trust of vulnerable women before raiding their bank accounts.