Plex thumbnails not updating 16 dating a 19 year old

There is a category list down the left hand side of the App Center; click into Entertainment, and Plex should be there.Once you’ve located Plex, click the “Add To QTS ” button and the Plex server will download and install to your device. We’re going to have to take a brief trip into Plex configuration land.

If local media is not at the top, the agents in the list can be reordered by dragging them by the hamburger icon.

Photos and home videos won’t have data that can be scraped from the Internet, so you can skip this step if one or both of those are your only Plex sections. For movies, there’s Personal Media, Freebase, and The Movie Database.

For TV Shows, it’s Personal Media Shows and The TVDB.

We’re going to verify that your metadata agents are ordered correctly to give your media library the best information sources possible.

For this purpose we’re really only concerned about TV Shows, Movies, and maybe Music.