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One thing they have in common: they’re ready to meet someone special!Palm Springs used to be a vacation destination for the rich and famous. :-) It's been a beautiful, wondrous road; and, I am ready to meet my Twin Flame. I work in sales for one of the top software companies in the world. Im kind loving and put my all into everything I do, Im funny, athletic I love basketball its my passion, im a big tv show watcher it doesnt matter what it is i will watch it lol but thats just me.That reputation has been dulled over the years as it become a haven for retirees, but recently, Palm Springs is making a comeback as a place where not only the elderly come and bask in the hot, Coachella Valley sun, but also a place where young Hollywood celebrities and others from all over the West Coast come and party till’ the sun come up in the desert.A majority of those who visit Palm Springs today are singles, and the area has done a tremendous job building up a bar scene where those who are single and ready to mingle can do so in a fun atmosphere.

Chill Bar Palm Springs is warm all year long, so if you’re visiting, you are going to want to seek out a place where you can drink cool fruity drink either outdoors or in a chilled indoor environment.

(760) 327-1079 Tryst Bar and Lounge Downtown Palm Springs has really emerged over the years to have a nightlife that can go toe-to-toe with the best Southern California has to offer, and one of the bars that is leading the way is Tryst Bar and Lounge (188 South Indian Canyon Drive).

Tryst is a bar where singles can get together with their friends, have awesome drinks, and just enjoy life in the heart of the Coachella Valley.

I currently live in yucca valley im looking for in a relationship is im hoping long term if it works out. ^^; IT'S OKAY TO CRY WHEN DOCTOR WHO MAKES YOU SAD! I'll be starting college soon to become either an ICU nurse or perhaps look into surgery. much of the time and I always choose to stick to my morals and beliefs, even if they may get me in trouble. I'm that crazy, random friend that gets random ideas of something incredibly stupid, but oh so very fun to do. Things I can’t live without: yoga; the mountains; freshly ground coffee in the morning (with cream); sex that ‘takes me to paradise’ (as Bruno Mars says); and my quirky friends and family.

I'm tired of the whole dating game quite we end up together you will get my phone password and my facebook password and anyother passwords i may have.i comite to every relationship i am in i give my socially awkward and kind of shy and im myself arround everyone i dont judge or critizise cause thats not my place to do you drink,thats you do drugs,thats on you not your broken,let me fix im always thier for people rather its a stranger or someone i hate its just who i am.warning:i am very wierd i will admit to that because i love to have fun and i dont care what people think of very open to doing new things even if i have a fear of those things.anyway please no asking for me to be your f*ck buddy cause I don't sleep you are interested you can text me because im not gunna pay to message you on this dating website anyway when you text me please say who you are and a picture my number is four,four,two,two,five,six,one,seven,one,five im sorry if I don't text after a day it means I wasn't interested in you I'm not trying to be rude I'm just very blunt also i fall for people based on personality not looks. I'm a Netflix cave dweller and possibly the biggest goof you'll ever meet. Yet at the same time, how I act contradicts what I just said. At the same time, I'm very excitable and happy the majority of the time. My passion is to help people and I'll always fight for the innocent. Would love to dance in the desert in Palm Springs or on the beach in Vancouver, my two favorite places in the world and where I make my homes. I'm a good listener and always try to be a good friend.