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On many occasions I was matched with a lady only for them to not return my calls/messages or say they are too busy.I find this very rude on behalf of the ladies that go and sometimes you have to wonder why do they attend such events?On both events: surprise surprise, girls didn't turn up and the guys were left shorthanded again, having to sit out multiple dates - that they were guaranteed - with the hostess!I understand if girls tend to be more flaky and bail at the last minute, but it's always the women who don't turn up, so in future book more gals then guys, and maybe let the women sit out at the bar for once.Have joined Sydney Speed Dating but hoping another company will start up and fill the gap Fast Impressions couldn't.I went to the first meeting about 7 years ago and to the second one recently (I don't date much as you can see).

This is very disappointing for the men as they to me seem to be all genuinely looking for a relationship. After vowing to give up 5 months ago due to low female turn out and cancelled events I stupidly decided to sign up to two more events these past two weeks.

:) I am convinced after attending a number of events over the last 2 years that fast impressions is an elaborate scam.

I attended an event one month ago, once again they were short of women so a few guys had to miss dates.

I considered it a scam just like it's sister dating site P. I only went to discounted events as it wasn't worth the full price for dodgy food and a few glasses of sparkling.

Disappointed they suddenly ceased without an explanation to members.