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""So far, I'€ve been quite impressed by your approach.You touched base when an order was left incomplete.I already recommend your products because of their high quality and safe ingredients. At the moment I get your VM Vaginal Moisturizing gel and the Intimate VM off my Doctor but will soon be ordering directly off you as I use the Gels every day. I was using the Simple Soap but have now changed to your wash ""Thank you it's the first time in a year I've had relief from my problem ...I will now include excellent customer service in my list of accolades. and i'm delighted to find something which i believe to be so pure and that i'm not afraid to use in such a personal area...Additional all soups resulted in a tremendous amount of vaginal burning and cracking only the YES products resolved the issue.Since I've been using it my quality of life has drastically improved. I places an order and commented on what I wanted it for.I was full of dread starting Tamoxifen after breast cancer, and did experience some dryness, but the VM has completely sorted it out, and I have no need for hormonal creams, so far. The water based suited me best and the lurking thrush I have had for over 50 years was kept at bay! I tried HRT in the form of cream and pessaries with limited success.

""So friendly and positive, discovering this product and your company has cheered me up no end. The adviser was so helpful and sent me some samples. ""I struggled with painful sex as soon as my hot flushes started some 10 years ago.""After prolapse surgery left me with pudendal neuralgia and also struggle with hypersensitive skin.I had almost given up on sex, I have tried virtually every intimate moisturiser but my skin seemed to react to everything.Along with other adjustments/treatments and especially with YES I have an intimate life back - YES!!!!! ""Love the product has saved my health and wellbeing.""I did use the lubrication before but didn't really appreciate that I needed it, using the water based and oil based together was a revelation and I will never be without them again. Thank you yes ""Having suffered from lichen planus and lichen sclerosis for many years, suffering pain, tearing and acute burning on intercourse, this product is gentle and soothing and I have been advised to use it as a daily moisturiser as well. Happened to look through a programme from a fair I€'d been to in Bristol and I spotted the info on Yes. Painful sex after menopause could not be resolved by any OBGYN for years I have had this problem.I also didn't realise that the moisturiser would help with the hot burning sensation I'd been getting, I thought it was thrush but it wasn't. I will always have discomfort due to scarring but this product has improved my life enormously. Lovemaking was becoming too painful several years after menopause. Additional all soaps resulted in a tremendous amount of vaginal burning and cracking only the yes products resolved the issue.Thank you ""So glad I finally found this product (VM - I use it internally and externally). I suffer with severe atrophy and the symptoms that accompany that.VM has made my daily life comfortable and pain free.Since I've been using it my quality of life has drastically improved. I placed an order and commented on what I wanted it for.Because I have a lot of allergies, finding a product that didn't cause issues wasn't easy, until I discovered yours. A few days later I received an email from one of your customer service reps saying she read my comment, looked at my order and wanted to recommend a different product better suited to my needs.