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In my belief this site really should be closed down as a customer, i was abused, threaten, people asking for money etc, bad comments have been bullied etc and instead resolving this you suspend my account.

Only thing i can say get a completely new management and staff for this site to be running to some professional.

Full of angry and bored woman that shouldn’t be dating anyway and are on dating sites just to boost their ego! Once opening the app for oasis it will continue flipping to the adverts apps!!! It happens after 10 seconds and then every 2 seconds!!! "Oasis" is the best easy FREE singles link to navigate on. I have been 10 years never met anyone for a relationships or second coffee.!! men are not just appropriate,many of them are uneducated, can't even use Skype(only media that I use) I don't give away my email,mobiles ,what's up or messenger. alone than with maniacs,narcissistic-psychopaths.!! males that collect females like you collect coins or some trophies have my age brackets over 60's.,all superficial just want to text you and tell you "sweetie" and talk about what there "needs are" I am a good looker, very kind and compassionate.educated, It has became and entertainment to me know that a real search! It is a computer generated matching system and they do not look at profile photos, The same scammers keep coming back under different names and countries. Find that hard to believe as you can't even speak to anyone! include picture of a BMW car key and you will get hit after hit on Oasis!

Just "Skype" to talk to them on camera and check them up! Oasis is wonderful "it will open your eyes", make you grateful for been without a partner. This is the worst free online dating app in existence. The guys are so socially inept they wouldn’t know how to ask a woman out. It’s enough for a successful attractive woman to feel unappreciated and depressed. These online dating sites are not a true indication of real women in the world! Hell the local meth smoker in town sounds like she is a church going nun on here! Make your profile so ridiculous like millionaire looking for Ms right!

Making me a very unhappy customer you are all very professional and I am very disgusted with this site shame on you all.

Yes there are scammers if they ask you to chat by email than you no to be careful don't do that but what's hard is that I'm a male and searching for a nice woman but you start chatting and they think your a stalker whatever you say they then just delete you it's a battle between the sexes, I've come to the point were I just live alone now and have been most of my life it's the way of the future woman seem to have stop dating these days I just work come home work come home no point going out either as they just think you are harassing them the 90s were the best what's happen to the good old days people are really messed up.

Oasis is a scam site, full of dodgy people, scammers, porn makers.

If you go to other "pay links"is the same situation , Oasis is the only site that you can even met French men (International)ha ha .. Accounts shut down simply say 1 month ago in reference to there non existent last log in!

Not only are the men ugly, losers and incredibly disappointing, but it’s a smorgasbord of mental health issues. I travel the world with my plastic surgery business! And the ladies will come like fly's to a freshly layed!