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The Herald-Sun’s Meeting Point page, which began in the mid-1990s and appears on Fridays and Sundays, has always run about 40 advertisements per week.While internet dating hasn’t exactly gutted the newspaper classifieds, introduction agencies such as Yvonne Allen and Associates and Entrenous are taking precautions.After an initial interview for this article, Wendy joined . Indeed, who needs Joe Millionaire or the opportunity to play a wilting sacrifice at The Batchelor’s altar with this quantity and calibre of men online? She split from Kiedis back in 2007 and apparently; Joaquin has all the makings of a fine father figure, with the source saying "Joaquin would make a great dad.“Thinking, I’m less of a person because I’m advertising myself.It’s a negative perception people have, but I think the means justifies the ends if you can find someone who’s really suited to you.” Since ninemsn launched its dating site two-and-a-half years ago, the site has attracted nearly 450,000 members.So what do men and women seeking partners online really want?According to Samantha Herron, ninemsn’s manager of corporate and public relations, non-smoking meat-eaters who are professionally employed are high on the list.

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Sarah tells friends she met her partner in a Qantas club lounge.

All were introduced to internet dating through friends, or friends of friends.

But Fiona, 38, who has no access to the internet at home and Wendy, 49, who is a new PC user, read Leader’s Talking Friends advertisements.

On Valentine’s Day 1997, came online and now has more than 250,000 members.

Also steadily climbing is which has grown from 3000 members to 95,000 in the past three years.