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A private investigator who works for Cruise told Eskin that Van Tassel was in a different veterans facility than the judge had expected, one where he could leave freely. let him down, the family let him down and we let him down," Eskin said. There was a red carpet within a tented area set up so that stretch limos could pull up in front, and the assorted celebs could get out, walk about 5' and file into the tent through a flap door.

The judge did not immediately rule on revoking bail, but said he was leaning toward having Van Tassel returned to jail."I certainly did not envision a situation that would enable him to come and go as he pleased," said the judge. "Well, I did."Van Tassel's attorney Robert Landheer told the judge that the visits to the Cruise home were harmless."He is not there to stalk Mr. There was also a bullpen type area to the side of the tent that allowed around 100 fans to hang out and try to catch a glimpse of aforementioned celebs.

Klaus Staeck, president of the Academy of the Arts in Berlin told the Wednesday edition of the Berliner Zeitung it was "a great scandal not to mention in the school materials that Tom Cruise is a central figure in promoting a totalitarian sect."A spokesman for the Confederation of German Trade Unions (DGB), which is a member of the foundation's board, told the newspaper that the materials raise the question of whether Tom Cruise's presence in the film "should not be an opportunity to discuss the authoritarian Scientology sect, and to talk about the civil courage of those who were brave enough to leave the sect."The foundation said Scientology was outside the scope of the material.

Zoom Getty Images Tom Cruise's role as a Scientologist has sparked controversy in Germany.This means that actual physical contact is made, although it may not necessarily be intercourse.Some acts that are classified as sex acts, and that fall under the umbrella of teen sexual abuse include fondling the genital areas of a teenager, oral contact with genitals (either forcing the teen to perform oral sex or performing oral sex on the teenager), penetration with digits (such as fingers), and, of course, vaginal or anal intercourse.The foundation, which said the movie was ideal for "getting young people more interested in German history," said that trying to combine a discussion of Cruise's personal life with Stauffenberg's role "would run the risk of watering down the real subject of the material, namely the significance of the historical figure of Stauffenberg and his acts."NEWSLETTERSign up for Spiegel Online's daily newsletter and get the best of Der Spiegel's and Spiegel Online's international coverage in your In- Box everyday.Stiftung Lesen is a foundation that promotes reading and counts German President Horst K? The foundation, which regularly produces classroom materials with film companies, printed 135,000 copies of the 22-page booklet, which includes scenes from "Valkyrie" and has ideas for classroom activities on the subject of democracy and civil courage based on the example of Stauffenberg.Cruise as some sort of fan-obsessed person," Landheer said. The moment we arrived, several fans within the bullpen area started taking photos of us."He wants to enlist him in his mission to get appropriate remedies for soldiers of the Iraq War."Van Tassel is charged with several weapons violations stemming from the Nov. Two guys sitting at a table in front of the coffee shop, obvious PI types, were doing some fail camera work.He has pleaded not guilty to conspiring to exhibit a firearm in the presence of an officer, resisting arrest and other charges. z Index=21734-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It`s a crazy world Tom. When Tom arrived, he quickly entered and they closed the flap to the tent but only while he was in there.One of the paparazzo on our side of the street came over to tell us that he was in there and that they'd closed the tent.3 freeway episode, when he could be seen on live television wearing a mask and holding a gun. As long as Tom Cruise speaks out about and funds scientologyhe is fairgame. They claimed to be there for Tommygirl, but kept their cameras on us the whole time.He froze traffic on the highway for more than three hours. When an anon called them out, they left the table to go sit in their minivan, parked just across from us and continue filming.