Need more space in dating

Keeping the spark going in your romance means not smothering it by spending too much time together.

Being able to engage in outside interests is a good way to develop a stronger sense of self, which leads to the discovery of one’s desires and dreams.

There’s such a thing as too much.”Does this sound familiar? Understanding how and why personal space is important is a key to creating a happy, balanced relationship.To stay productive, and minimize stress, you have to learn the Gentle Art of Saying No — an art that many people have problems with. Well, to start with, it can hurt, anger or disappoint the person you’re saying “no” to, and that’s not usually a fun task.Second, if you hope to work with that person in the future, you’ll want to continue to have a good relationship with that person, and saying “no” in the wrong way can jeopardize that. Women aren’t opening because men aren’t giving them what they need. The majority of men aren’t able to penetrate their women fully, nor are women fully opening to their men.This is important because it fosters trust and communication between partners. If you’re constantly worrying about whether you (or your partner) is about to say or do something embarrassing with your friends or elsewhere, this is a sure sign that you’re spending too much time together.Another warning sign is feeling like you can’t trust your partner to fend for him or herself without you for an hour.If you’re together all the time, what is there to talk about? This keeps communication open and builds a stronger, more loving and trusting relationship.You don’t automatically have to enjoy the same things your significant other does.Although it may seem counterintuitive, giving a friendship some room to breath allows the relationship to remain healthy.Being able to ask for what you need is crucial to lasting friendships.