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Our closest airport is Bournemouth which is about 25 miles away from the park (From here you can either take a taxi or bus to Bournemouth train station, and then the train directly to Wool station.If you have lost your season ticket, please contact the adoptions office (Tel: 01929 401012).We cannot re-issue season tickets, however, we will take your details and add your name to our lost season ticket register which is kept up at the entrance at all times.The reason for this is because the founder, Jim Cronin, would not have been allowed to be a trustee by the Charities Commission.

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Events are also detailed in the Ape Rescue Chronicle newsletter sent to all our primates' adoptive parents.

But Dr Cronin, who runs the ape rescue centre at Bovington, says such research is unnecessary and has been conducted at the expense of orphaned chimpanzees that have been removed from their mothers at birth and are then trained to participate in sign language and cognitive experiments.

“In the name of science, this type of research into the intelligence of the great apes has been ongoing since the 1960s and there have not been any significant findings over the past 50 years,” she said.

If your details are on our lost season ticket register, free entrance will still apply.

Although we rely heavily on donations to continue to do our work, Monkey World itself is not a registered charity.