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Much of the information on insect-pests has been furnished by his friend, Mr. Much of the infor- mation on the use of maize-harvesting machinery in America, has been taken from a bulletin specially dealing with the subject by Mr.

To many kind friends and correspondents the author is indebted for the native names in use in different parts of South Africa ; and to Mr.

m C 6 1995 N \ ^ SEP 1 8 m JUN 2 2 1996 150M/01 -92-941 680 SEP '2^ 1998 oft 1 3 1999 MAIZE ITS HISTORY, CULTIVATION, HANDLING, AND USES J'hulogi-aph iv /.-,,,/ Coot '•/ I'l-^lot Ghneral thk Right Honourablk Louis Botha, P. Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture, Union of South Africa. No other cereal crop yields the farmer so large a return for his labour as Indian Corn. It is a difficult task to meet such diverse needs, and the result is necessarily open to criticism.

MAIZE ITS HISTORY, CULTIVATION, HANDLING, AND USES f VITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO SOUTH AFRICA A TEXT-BOOK FOR FARMERS, STUDENTS OF AGRICULTURE, AND TEACHERS OF NATURE STUDY BY JOSEPH BURTT-DAVY, F. The actual time available for its preparation has been too short, but if publication had not been completed before the author's return to South Africa, it would have been postponed indefinitely, and in the present stage of development of the local maize industry, there seemed to be a need for a book of this character.

Mallett of Cambridge, for the preparation and revision of the Index at the last moment, arid to Miss Pate of Cambridge and her staff, for their care and accuracy in copying the tables and bibliographical list, and typing the manuscript, and also for reading some of the proofs. Grateful acknowledgment is made to those friends at Cambridge and elsewhere, especially to Professor R. The reason for segregation in mathematical proportions . Gametic segregation 180 XVI CONTENTS SECTION , AGE 136. Inheritance of characters in maize follows Mendelian Law . Importance of a knowledge of the laws governing the transmission of characters 160 122. Harvesting and Storage, and Pests of Stored Grain - - 451 XII. The Milling, Mill-Products, and Chemical Composition of Maize Grain 629 XIV. The Preservation and Use of Maize Stover, Hay and Silage, for Stock Food 732 XVI. Uses of Maize Products in the Arts and Manufactures - 782 Bibliography 803 Index 821 CONTENTS. Future possibilities of development in South Africa .... Relative importance of the world's maize and wheat crops . Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack. GOVERNMENT AGROSTOLOGIST AND BOTANIST, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA WITH FRONTISPIECE AND 245 ILLUSTRATIONS LONGMANS, GREEN AND CO. He has endeavoured to adapt it to the needs of (i) the farmer; (2) students in the Schools and Colleges of Agriculture ; (3) teachers in the country schools who are endeavouring to interest their pupils in Nature Study. The materials for this book have been collected during a period of three or four years, but the book itself has been written during a Term, and part of the Long Vacation of 191 3, spent at the School of Agriculture, Cambridge, where the author has been studying in- heritance of characters.