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After that 1 year, even if a woman bleeds or experiences some spotting, then she is considered to be post-menopausal.Post-menopause is the time in a woman’s metabolism which comes after menopause.Changes in the hormonal levels are mainly responsible for these menopause problems.The low level of estrogen causes weakening of pelvic muscles which rein the bladder movement.This is known as hot flash and it is accompanied by sweating.Face, neck or chests are at first affected by hot flashes and as a result reddening of the skin takes place along with sweating.Changes in menstrual pattern – The first symptom is having irregular menstrual periods.Some have periods every 2 or 3 weeks whereas some does not have whatever for a month.

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Having food rich in vitamin D and calcium is very important for women during this post-menopausal phase.

An increased or broken heart rate is seen in many women.

Cute flashes that occur in row are referred to as night sweats.

They face many post menopause disorders during this rate due to low estrogen level and due to aging.

Some of these post menopause disorders can be prevented and some can be delayed, thus helping women to live a healthy biological behind menopause.