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We have spoken and resolved the matter with you directly since you posted your feedback here, however we want to take this opportunity to address your concerns publicly, for transparency and the benefits of other readers as well.:)Firstly, upon receiving this feedback, we have immediately reached out to you and our Co-Founders Jamie and Violet met you in April 2015 to clarify your concerns that you have posted here.MATCHING PROCESSOur dating consultants handpick matches for our clients based on their profile and requirements.They are required to find matches for each client through our internal CRM system, which would restrict matching with non-compatible matches.

BUT you may not be matched according to your date's preferences.SERVICE STANDARDWe will not be able to falsify or change any of our clients' preferences because clients actually filled in their preferences form and we do have those documents in black-and-white.In any case, if a dating consultant is found to be lying to a customer, disciplinary actions will be taken.After hearing your feedback about your match, we investigated and found out that your match actually claimed that he was a non-smoker during his profiling session.Upon recognizing this mistake, we have assured you that we would not count this as a date and void the membership of the male client who has falsified his personal information.MEMBERS It is true that we have slightly more female members than male members; approximately 60% of our database are female clients.It is also true that male clients tend to go out on dates at a higher frequency.Most of our female members go out on dates monthly, or once every 2 months.Sometimes, due to their schedules or vacation plans, our members may request to go out on a date once per quarter.We take this seriously and our dating consultants are trained to uphold a high level of integrity.When there is a lapse in our service delivery, we would first apologize and provide a full explanation to our clients, as well as do a thorough investigation on the matter.