Lesbian dating long beach ca

As a a beautiful city on the coast, there’s lighthouses, parks, bike trails, kayaking, beaches, skiing, First Friday Art Events, breweries, wineries, amazing local food and more to share with your SO.

Don’t forget it’s also a beautiful city on the coast.

Most anywhere you go, there will be at least a few areas that are very LGBT friendly and will make you feel welcome.

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A beautiful summer community with a strong LGBT presence, it hosts LGBT events year round, including a monthly T-dance for lesbians at a bar called Maine Street with my friend DJ Jodi rocking the dance floor.It’s the many small cities that I want to address that welcome lesbians with open arms because too often they go unnoticed.(Maine has full legal rights and protections for LGBT residents.) In the last 10 years, the lesbian (and queer) community has blossomed big time in Portland, Maine.Yes, I’m a friend of Bill and can find fellow sisters at almost any meeting I attend, but there are those where the sisters gather in droves. Texas is known as an ultra-conservative state that is proud of being anti-LGBT (you can still get fired simply for being lesbian in Texas), but Austin seems to be different.What I love about living in Austin is people are pretty laid back.It’s also a destination for legal recreational use of marijuana.What I love about Denver is the large lesbian sober community. Universities and colleges, breweries, local food, festivals, a huge PRIDE festival, lots of great foodie places, cheap and free things to do in bulk (you can’t beat hiking the foothills of the Rockies for free), lots of parks and the most amazing mountain views. A bit larger than Denver but much smaller than Dallas and Houston, Austin has become one of the top cities for lesbian life.It’s a really important resource for youth in need of information, support, allies and other queer youth. There are 800 miles of bike paths, mountains just 45 minutes away that you can hike, ski, snowboard or mountain bike on if you want.There are hot springs, and let’s not forget 300 days of sunshine per year.The Chamber was founded as the Long Beach Community Business Network in 1992 by a group of gay and lesbian business owners to serve as a networking and support organization for LGBT-owned and LGBT-supportive businesses within greater Long Beach.In partnership with other LGBT and allied organizations in Long Beach, LBGLCC contributes to the energy and quality of life within the city and surrounding communities.