Lance armstrong dating olson twin

They were supposedly spotted at the Gramercy Partk Hotel in New York City “making out all night” until about 2 AM.

They were also spotted once again at the Waverly Hotel and she had the tendency to sit on his lap during these dates.

An insider believes however that the new romance is merely a publicity stunt saying: ‘He misses the spotlight now that he’s not competing,’ adding, ‘He doesn’t handle loneliness well, so he overcompensates and makes poor decisions sometimes.

that one of the famous Olsen twins was once Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend back in 2007.

In 2014, a tell-all book claimed that Lance was "urged to dump" Ashley because of their 15-year age difference.

The 21-year old actress has been spotted on a series of dates with Armstrong, despite a 15-year age gap.

Regardless of Lance’s career melting down, do you think the age difference between Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong was too great?

Ashley began dating disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong in 2007, but the romance only lasted for a few months.

, goes in depth about the famous cyclist's journey from a rising star athlete to his quick downfall after his doping confession.

However, another tidbit included in the book that many may find surprising is a recollection of the short time he dated former child star-turned-fashionista Ashley Olsen, and the thoughts his friends had about that romance.