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Initially known as one of the cast members of Saturday Night Live (she joined in 2005), comedian Kristen Wiig cemented her reputation as a schtickmeister with hilarious and memorable SNL characterizations of such personalities as Drew Barrymore, Katharine Hepburn, and Megan Mullally, and performed a particularly memorable recurring bit on that program as an overanxious Target employee.

Like Will Forte, Will Ferrell, and others, Wiig arrived on SNL as an alumnus of The Groundlings, Los Angeles' legendary comedic ensemble.

It's a deft pick: As Wiig reveals, her relationship with her boyfriend was really fired up when they discovered a shared love for old Volvos. Your gearhead obsessions can be romantic after all.

[contentlinks align='left' textonly='false' numbered='false' headline='Related Story' customtitles='Sweden Has 24,000 Volvo Amazons Still On the Road' customimages='' content='article.30656']Jerry and Kristen trundle around Los Angeles in the handsome old Volvo, swinging in to a book shop, checking out sunglasses, and eventually sitting down for a chat at LA's legendary House of Pies.

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Wiig has embarked on a successful film career since leaving “SNL,” including starring in, co-producing, and co-writing the box office hit comedy “Bridesmaids,” for which she earned an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay.

Her other recent film credits include “The Martian,” “Downsizing,” and “Ghostbusters.” This marks the third project Witherspoon and Hello Sunshine have set up at Apple.

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