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While we may be able to appreciate a disruptive innovation in retrospect, it is debatable whether we can convert our understanding into a formal, repeatable process.

In addition to specific company examples, empirical research from U. and European universities provides insight into some of the more subtle social and psychological success factors that distinguish leaders who are best suited to drive disruptive change.

Leaders today, however, face a big challenge when it comes to disruptive innovation.

Many executives rise through the ranks of management, where predictability and control are valued and rewarded.

During Target’s breakthrough growth years, the Target team used its own instincts to infuse everything with leading edge design, from transforming store layouts to creating partnerships with designers like Philippe Starck.

Consumers didn’t know what they had been missing when going to Wal-Mart or Sears until Target showed them how “Tar-zjay” could give them “cheap chic” in a way no other retailer could.